What We Do

Corporate Hippies is a project that started as corporate wellness initiative founded by Joanna Langier and Dee Walsh. We created Corporate Hippies with an intention of bringing yoga and meditation classes to Irish business. We offer early morning, lunchtime and afternoon yoga classes and our clients can choose from:

Traditional (hatha) yoga

Restorative yoga

Yoga nidra (so called sleep yoga)


Our corporate services can be booked as a one-off session for special events, or as a packaged series of sessions. We offer fixed prices for our standard packages or bespoke plans that can be created to suit your unique needs.

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In May 2020, we expanded our offerings and opened up classes and workshops to indivudals. Anyone can be a Corporate Hippy and anyone can join our Corporate Hippies community!

As therapists and yoga and meditation teachers, we offer online and offline workshop, healing retreats, yoga and meditation classes and course.

If youd like to know more about our services, check out this page.