We guide relaxation and restoration classes that fall under several different types: restorative yoga, guided meditation and stress response. Each class lasts between 30 to 60 min depending on your requirements. The goal of these practices is to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, bring mental balance and harmony and release stress.

We offer one off sessions, ongoing classes or time-bound series.

Restorative Yoga Classes

This slow, meditative practice allows the body to fully relax by holding simple postures passively for extended periods of time and always finishes with a blissful guided relaxation. The practice will help you to relax, renew and restore. The gentle movements help to lower blood pressure, improve immunity and digestion and reduce the general fatigue.

Guided Meditation

This class is designed to invoke a state of relaxed concentration that helps to relieve stress, achieve mental, physical and emotional balance and regain energy. During the practice, your meditation instructor will talk you through muscle relaxation techniques and guide you into a state of deeper meditation using visualisation and mental images..

Stress Management

These classes offer a use of different  techniques of activating the parasympathetic nervous system from guided meditation, breathing practice and breath awareness meditation, visualisation, body scan and progressive relaxation and others. Each class incorporates relaxing music and the use of essential oils and other props to trigger deeper states of relaxation. Your guide will use several different methods to help to alleviate stress and show your employees different ways of managing their stress levels.