Office Yoga

All our classes are put together specifically for each group and organisation we work with to address the factors such as your office space, the number of employees, their health and fitness levels and any other unique needs your organisation may have.

However, all yoga class have a few things in common. We always begin by creating a safe, holding space for the practice. We may bring crystals or use incense, sage or palo santo to clear the energy in the space. We also set up a gentle background music to help you feel more zen.

Each practice begins with grounding and centering. We bring everyone into the space as we invite the presence and awareness of breath and body.

After getting grounded, we move into a physical practice of yoga. We move through a gentle warm-up, strength and flexibility-boosting sequences and finish with cooling down poses.

At the end of each class we move into long and sweet relaxation (Savasana) and meditation practice. We use verbal cues, music and essential oils to guide all students into a deeper state of relaxation before closing down the practice.


Hatha Yoga – term ‘Hatha’ refers to a physical practice. Hatha yoga typically involves a set of physical postures (yoga poses or asanas) and different breathing techniques. Technically, different types of physical yoga practice fall under this term (for instance: ashtanga or vinyasa).

Restorative Yoga – this practice is about relaxing, cleansing and freeing the mind. Poses are passive and held for a longer period of time. Postures are modified to be more accessible and relaxing to help students sink deeper into relaxation.

Chair /Boardroom Yoga – this is more gentle type of yoga that is perfect for companies who don’t have much space. Classes can take place in chairs, at desks or around a table. Yoga mats are not necessary.

Yoga Nidra – this is an ultimate relaxation practice also known as ‘yogic sleep’. Yoga nidra is a state of mind that exists between being asleep and awake. The body is completely relaxed and consciousness moves inward as practitioners follow verbal instructions. It is a deep relaxation practice that relieves stress and mental and physical tension.


We will work with you to choose the time slots that work best for your organisation. We will plan the times of classes in a way that fits around your office hours.

You can choose from:

Morning – these classes usually take place before your official office hours.

Lunchtime – typically between 12 and 2 pm.

Evening – majority of these classes take place after 5 pm.

Morning and lunchtime classes are typically 40 to 45 minutes long. Evening classes – 60 minutes.

If you’d like to know more about office-based yoga classes, drop us a message at to request our brochure. You can also check out our prices here: