How It Works

One of us will meet you in your office on the agreed time and day each week. It can be either early morning, lunchtime, afternoon or even an all-day event. We will bring any props if required, set up the space and greet the students.

We will deliver sessions that will be designed to create mental clarity and efficiency, as well as alleviate chronic symptoms that occur from sitting. Depending on and requirements we will incorporate any elements that will target your unique needs.

Our sessions will help your employees to feel more refreshed and recharged. They will become more creative, motivated and productive.

The long-term effects of regulars practice will create a healthy working environment, bringing more joy and tranquility into your office. In turn, you will benefit from having more happy, productive and engaged workforce.


Increased energy  and reduced fatigue

Alleviated physical ailment

Reduced stress levels

Increased positivity and morale

Improved concentration and focus