About us

Corporate Hippies was set up by Dee and Joanna – two friends who met through yoga. We met early in 2017 during Yoga Teacher Training Course at The Crown Center in Dublin. At the time Dee was a psychologist and Joanna a marketer. We both shared the same dream – to change the world through yoga.

In Sanskrit the word Yoga literally means Union. It is the union of body and soul with the mind that cultivates peace, concentration, clarity and calmness. Bringing these qualities into everyday life could transform one’s perception, invite more satisfaction and peace into every moment of every day. During our Training teacher Course we spent hours talking about our vision of helping other find their inner peace by bringing yoga into their lives and into their works.

Since 2017, we have been teaching yoga in local gyms, small studios and most importantly – in offices of some of the Irish companies. It was the experience of teaching yoga in the offices to seemed to be bringing countless amounts of joy into our lives. Over the course of two years, we have seen how practicing regular yoga and meditation transformed groups of corporate yogis attending our classes. Our dream started becoming reality – we were now playing an important role in bringing more peace, calm and joy into the world, and especially into the world of work.

We officially launched Corporate Hippies with a mission of bringing harmony, tranquility and joy into the world of work.

Our Mission

 Corporate Hippies - Our Mission As Corporate Yoga teachers

Our Values

Connection – connect to your true self and to others through love, compassion and kindness.

We wish to create an atmosphere that establishes a friendly and understanding relationships between people and within the organizations.

Be of service – help others to find their true path, their sense of peace, harmony and joy.

Our purpose is to help others. There are no hidden agendas. This is the main goal of our existence.

Equality – when you strip off your ego and all the labels that define you, what is left? Deep, at the core, we are all the same, we are all equal.

We aspire to always maintain and share an equal view of all people, their nature, behaviors and the forces that move them.