Heart Healing Workshop

A heart-centered guide to healing from within

Many of us experienced loss that can be hard to heal from. This loss can come with feeling abandoned, betrayed or guilty. We may become filled with sadness, anger, or envy that are difficult to shake off.

We put together this workshop to share with you our knowledge and tools from the world of psychology, yoga and energy healing that can help you heal the wounds in your heart.

The purpose of this workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to support you through the process of healing after your loss and to give you tools and teachniques that you can use yourself anytime you need.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for you if:

  • you recently experienced loss and need support wtih dificult emotions,
  • you keep finding yourself in a repeating pattern in romantic relationships,
  • you find it hard to move on from your past relationship,
  • you can’t find a partner and feel unhappy or stuck,
  • you feel like you’re not good enough or wothy of love and have low self-esteem.

Date & time

  • When: 21st of April (Wednesday)
  • Time: 8 PM
  • Duration: 90 min
  • Investment: €40 + registration fee

This workshop will consist of 3 parts:

Part 1 – Emotional healing:

  • Why time alone doesn’t heal and how to heal emotional wounds
  • Deconstructing the story – a way to get to the bottom of your pain
  • The meaning behind the breakup.

Part 2 – Working with the energy:

Alternative ways to support ourselves through the healing process such as:

  • Working with crystals
  • Yoga sequences
  • Guided meditations
  • Working with ceremonial cacao
  • Cleaning our aura
  • Journalling

Part 3: Moving forward & building strong foundation

  • Giving ourselves permission to let go.
  • Letter to your Inner Child
  • Understanding attachment styles.


1. Free heart-healing yoga class

All registered attendees will receive a FREE invitation to a free heart-centered yoga class that will take place before the workshop. The class will take place on Wednesday (21st of April) at 7 PM. It will help to prepare you for the workshop on the mental, emotional, physical and energetic levels.

2. Heart-healing guided meditation

You will receive pre-recorded energy-healing meditation.

3. Journaling promts to support your own journey

You will receive a workbook with a list of journaling prompts that will help you connect with your heart-center, move into the deeper layers of your experience and process your emotions.