Top 6 Workplace Wellness Trends For 2021

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2020 brought a profound change to the way we work with workforces around the world working remotely. While working from home was a relatively simple solution to the big challenge posed by the pandemic, it is expected to leave behind a potentially permanent change. Having experienced working from the office space before the pandemic and working fully remotely during Covid, employees and employers around the world are presenting a set of new attitudes and preferences around the way we work.

Coronavirus sped up the digital transformation for many businesses that were lagging behind. Not being able to go into the office meant having to use technology to communicate, to host meetings or conference calls. In fact, more and more businesses are experimenting with new technologies that not only allow the companies to function during the pandemic, but may revolutionize the way these businesses work going forward.

However, many companies are now reporting noticing that the  lack of face-to-face interactions between employees is actually contributing to a decline in mental health, creating unhealthier work-life balance, and slower communication.

What way will all these events and shifts impact workplace wellness in 2021?

Here are our predictions: 

2021 Workplace Wellness Trends according to Corporate Hippies

1. Remote working is here to stay

This is something that employees around Ireland have been asking for for a long time. Yet, the slow pace of change when it comes to workplace cultures, insufficient technology and internal policies meant that remote working has not been an option available to all employees across the board. Our prediction is that this gap has now been bridged. Pandemic or not, we are expecting to see an increase in the number of companies allowing their employees to work remotely on a permanent basis, at least a few times a week.

Up until 2019, remote working was considered a perk, in 2021 it will become a standard way of working for the majority of office-based jobs.

2. Upskilling instead of hiring

Learning & development initiatives will be expected to up their game as tight budgets and redundancies will result in the requirement to upskill the current staff. With hiring abilities being limited, the resources will be shifting into learning & development creating an opportunity for internal transfers, career changes and reskilling for many employees.

3. Mental health as a priority of wellness strategies

As mentioned earlier, mental health of employees has suffered during the pandemic. Studies, such as this one conducted by Monster, show that working from home due to COVID resulted in an increase in the rate of burnout cases with 65% of all surveyed employees reporting burnout symptoms.  

In 2021 employers will take active steps to indirectly support their employees when it comes to self-care practices and setting clear boundaries in the area of work-life balance. 

In Corporatie Hippies, we’re expecting to see higher interest in workshops and programmes such as those aimed at:

  • dealing with stress, 
  • avoiding burnout, 
  • finding inner strength and motivation,
  •  relaxation techniques and similar.

4. Unplugging

Many companies will launch the initiatives encouraging their staff to UNPLUG. This may take different forms including:

  • Setting clear policy around working hours
  • Marking the end of the working day
  • Launching official “right to disconnect” policy

5. Focusing on prevention in a holistic way

As more employees are experiencing general decline to their health due to pandemic-related restrictions, employers and benefits providers will be increasingly aiming to offer preventive benefits that boost workplace wellness.  

What’s more, employee wellness programs will become more and more reflective of the connections between physical, mental, social, and financial health.

6. Remote wellbeing initiatives

Remote wellness and team-building activities and exercises will pick up or continue on a regular basis. As many employees will be working from home, at least partially, and may have less social interaction, the businesses will invest more in remote team events and online wellness initiatives.

We’re expecting to see a higher interest in corporate online yoga and meditation classes as well.

Get your wellness initiatives ready for 2021

If you’d like to introduce online wellness workshops, events or programmes to your business, take a look at some of our solutions here. We can also design workshops and events especially for your business to meet your unique needs. Some of the themes we work with include:

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  • Chair yoga workshops
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