The Benefits of Regular Meditation Practice (Some of These Might Surprise You)!

Meditation is a practice of being fully pesent in the moment. Meditation trains us to become more aware of our experience as it happens in the here and now. Eventually, we learn to silence the mind and observe the source of thoughts. It’s a skill that we can acquire if we practice regularly.

This practice that’s been known in the eastern world for centuries is now becoming increasingly popular in the western culture. This is why the scientific circles started paying attention to it a little bit more too. As of today, there’s been numerous studies conducted into this phenomenon and the findings are fascinating.

If you’re considering starting your meditation practice or looking for a way to convince your boss to bring workplace meditation into your office, check out this list of 4 main benefits of meditation.

Top 4 Benefits Of Regular Meditation

1. Stress reduction

Meditation is a natural stress stabilizer. Bodies of people who meditate on a regular basis  create lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

Numerous research has shown that meditation can reduce stress and stress-related inflammation that occurs in the body. What’s more, symptoms of stress-created conditions (such as IBS or some headaches) improve after meditation.

2.  Slower aging of your brain

According to the research, the brains of people who meditate regularly throughout their life age slower. Meditation helps to prevent aging and preserve grey matter. Brain scanning technology and research proves that meditation has a positive effect on our entire brain. It can slow and even reverse degeneration that happens due to age.

3. Better focus and concentration

Improved attention and ability to concentrate are some of the central benefits of meditation. Studies such as this one confirmed that mindfulness practices can improve working memory and reduce the tendency to wandering thoughts. 

4. Emotional Health

Meditation is a healing practice. Numerous studies showed its positive impact on anxiety, depression and it even helps with addictions. 

Additionally, the study revealed that meditation can improve our self-image and rewire our brain in such a way that it becomes to view the world in a more positive. Being more optimistic and having more positive thoughts are simply side-effects of regular meditation practice.

There is no doubt that meditation improves our psychological health and our brain longevity. It’s easy to do, doesn’t require big financial investments and it can be done anywhere. 

Learn to meditate – online course

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