Online Course: Learn How To Meditate & Find Your Inner Peace

meditation course

This 4 week meditation course “Learn How To Meditate & FInd You Inner Peace” is for begginers and beyond, and it will help you fully grasp and experience the concept of this healing practice.

We’re delighted to invite you to our 4 week meditation course that will be starting on Monday, 3rd of August. Our sessions will take place every Monday at 7:30 to 8 PM.

This course is right for you, if:

  • you’re new to meditation,
  • you don’t know how to start,
  • you’d like to develop a personal practice,
  • you struggle to sit in silenece for extended periods of time,
  • you want to know why to meditate,
  • learn different meditation practices,
  • know what to expect if you continue regular practice.

Enrich your mind, body, and spirit through the practice of meditation

During the course, you will learn different meditation methods, how to sit & why, how to re-wire your brain, what to expect from regular practice and the goal of meditation. We will explore the concept of watching your thoughts and feelings, discuss the role of consciousness vs ego and practice being in the here and now.

I will guide you through one meditation practice each week so you will get to experience different types of meditation, including breathing techniques, heart-centered meditation and other.

When: Every Monday

Start: 3rd of August, 2020

Time: 7:30 to 8 PM

Investment: €30 + registration fee