WEBINAR: The Body Remembers & It Keeps The Score

Webinar recording

We are excited to invite you to our free webinar “The Body Remembers & It Keeps The Score”. The webinar will take place on Wednesday, 3rd of June at 8pm.

This short (40 min) webinar is an introduction to the topic of mind, brain and body connection. We will discuss some of the most significant research on the topic and explain the alternative, more philosophical ways of understanding it. Bringing together western science and eastern spirituality, we will cover aspects such as:

  • How the body responds to and registers different events in our life.
  • The long-term impact of it. 
  • How to listen to and understand your body.
  • How yoga & meditation can help.

If you’d like to attend this webinar, register using the link below:

We look forward to sharing this knowledge with you.

Namaste ♥ Joanna & Dee ♥ Corporate Hippies ♥