Yoga for A Balanced Life; Connecting Mind, Body and Soul

Corporate Wellness

Heart-centred yoga class incorporating movement, mindfulness, breathing techniques and meditation.

Dynamic flow integrating the above through mindful movement in poses which are creatively sequenced. Yoga is a space, where with practice, we can become more present in our daily lives. By compassionately connecting with the body and the breath, both help to anchor us into the present moment, helping to create a greater sense of clarity and awareness.

Through yoga we can learn to cultivate balance, quieten the mind and inspire concentration. We believes that yoga can be seen as a tool to create space for inner healing and transformation, providing space to connect back into the self, to restore the mind and body. Yoga nidra (relaxation) and guided meditation close the class. Our aim is that people will leave our classes feeling relaxed, centred, inspired and connected. Ready to take this balance off the mat and into the rest of the day, ultimately leading to a more mindful way of life.

Some ways to help describe corporate wellness:

  • cultivating balance, happiness, and living with your heart wide open
  • feel the ground, focus your mind, grounding and heart-opening practice, hopes to leave you feeling empowered, centred, energized
  • heart-centred, present moment-oriented class with a focus on the breath
  • our passion is for health, healing and happiness
  • holistic passion for guiding people through self-exploration in yoga
  • yoga as a form of therapy for the mind and body
  • mind body wellness

Written by: Corporate Wellness Consultants: Dee and Joanna