Office Yoga

Corporate yoga classes in your own office space.

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Corporate meditation programs.

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Self-development workshops, events, talks and webinars.

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About Corporate Hippies

What We Do

Hi! We are Joanna and Dee – two corporate hippies who set out on the adventure of bringing more balance, love and peace into the the world! Here is exactly what we do..

How It Works

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Our Clients

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Why People Love Corporate Hippies ♥

♥ We put our hearts into creation of our classes. While we focus on common physical challenges that affect office workers, we also incorporate poses and sequences that help the students to quiet their minds and find a space of serenity.

♥ We wish to be always fair and honest, including when it comes to money. That’s why our prices are fully transparent and based on fair estimations. We also offer cost-saving packages.

♥ We can schedule the sessions for your preferred time. Everything is possible: your employees can start their date with a morning meditation, take a yoga class during lunchtime or finish off their day with restorative practice.

♥ We are certified and experienced yoga teachers – we have been teaching office yoga since 2017. We never stop learning though – we continue developing our teaching practice and bringing in our learning into our classes every week.

♥ Our classes are tailored for to accommodate different types of spaces (big and small). We can even deliver boardroom yoga with classes done in chair or standing and around the table.